Ferhat Mermer

  • Our seals may occur in many different colors, especially in gold, silver, black, red.
  • Our seals aren' t made of wax, and are unbreakable.
  • Prints on seals are made personal.
  • Orders are based on quantity and are delivered to customers as finished.
  • Customers who delivered the seals, can paste the seals on every material that they want.
  • Orders are delivered at the end of 7-15 days depending on quantity.
  • General use :
    • In the cover off the envelope
    • On decorative bottles
    • Invitations decorations
    • Of personal belongings etc...
  • Print issues :
    • Names of individuals and firms
    • Logos
    • Initials
    • Figures and motifs etc...
  • Seal has tons of bright colors
Mühür / Seal Creations
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